From small circles to a large piece!

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Hi everyone! Are you enjoying the summer? For me, I started a new job in July that is a lot more hours, so I do not have much time or energy to craft as I like. And next week, I am going on a two week camping vacation (which means no craft room…). With so little time for crafting, it’s important to maximize what time I have. Today’s cards are like the 2-from-1 background cards, but with the use of scrap paper. This is definitely a time-saving technique!


The cards are pretty easy to make, and the technique I used only took about 20 minutes total, so finishing two cards was less than 1 hour of work!

Check out this pile of scrap paper!

I have a lot of scrap paper from making the paper inserts for my stamp pockets, and I save a majority of it to use “one day”. Well, I finally got the chance to use them for this project!

The extra wide double-sided tape and punched-out circles!

First I choose a set of scrap paper that were from the same design series and used my circle punch to punch out a lot of circles.  Next I took out my super wide roll of double-sided tape. This tape is 11.5cm wide! I cut off a piece that was 14cm long and laid it on my work table with the sticky side up. I then started to stick the circles onto the tape in an overlapping line.

Tip! Don’t stop at circles! You can use any shape you want.

Stick, stick, stick, stick….

When the entire piece of tape was covered with circles, it was like I had a new sheet of textured patterned sticker paper! I then trimmed the edges to the correct size and cut it in half length-wise. I took the backing-paper off and stuck each of the piece onto a light blue cardstock. Then I cut two pieces from white paper for each side of the scrap-paper-patterned-paper (what a mouthful).

For one card, I added pierced dots on the edge and a stacked white die-cut flower that was brushed with a shimmer brush. The second card I had done the same thing with the edge, but a different cut… but when I added the foam tape to it, I accidentally put the tape on the good side (the side the dies cut down on)! I didn’t want to waste my paper or foam tape, so I still stuck it onto the cardstock, but I covered up the bad edge with two thin strips of scrap pearl cardstock!

A close-up of the cards.

So there you have it, two cards using scrap paper! My favorite part was sticking the circles onto the double-sided tape.

I’ve purposely left the cards blank and text-less because now I have two cards on hand that I can quickly finalize or customize for whomever I decide to give the card to!

Tip! There is no rule that says you have to finish every card you make completely. Almost-finished cards are really useful to have on-hand for when you need a card quickly.

Thank you again for taking the time to read my post, until next time!

Pink and green bear-thday!

Birthday cards are always handy to have around, so without anyone in particular in mind, I made the following card:


There are a lot of small details that one just can’t really see in the photos unless I point it out, but that’s what this blog post is for!  This was a very simple card and easy card to make and was following a card challenge sketch. Continue reading “Pink and green bear-thday!”

So Sweet!

I got a new die (the circles) and I wanted to use it, so I created this sweet little card!


It’s a clean and simple card so it was rather easy to put together.  I had made the little girl image a few days earlier, and she’s just so sweet and cute that she had to be used on a card soon!  I also really love this patterned card paper of the cupcakes and strawberries, and I thought it was also perfect to use the circle die to showcase one of the cupcakes.  It was not easy to choose which cupcake to use! Continue reading “So Sweet!”

Black and White and One Other colour

I created another challenge card.  For my second challenge, I chose ModSquadChallenge’s Black and White and One Other color.  The challenge is tos to make a black and white card with one other colour.  As I was trying to come up with ideas, I looked through my dies and found this wreath die I never used before.  Then I had a vision of this card and I told myself, “Just do it!”  And here is the card:

The photo does not do it justice… it is really stunning in person!

This card is not difficult to make, just a little time consuming.  I started by cutting a black piece of card stock to size and then die cut the wreath.  Then I die cut the wreath again, but on white card stock.  I was using the die-cut inlay technique.  After both pieces were die cutted, I took a fat roll of double-sided tape and put it on the back of the card where the hole for the wreath was.  I turned the card over to expose the sticky tape where the hole is and proceeded to place the white die cut wreath in and the black center piece.

Once that was done, I then die cut and punched  out some leaves with the same white card stock.  Then I took two 5-petal flower punches and and punched pink flowers out of pink origami paper.  I like using origami paper to make flowers with because it’s so fine, delicate, and soft, like flowers.  For each flower, I took a ball-tipped tool and rolled the ball over each petal and flower center to give it that concaveness, so they are not flat boring flowers.  I then set this all aside and started on the word “love”.

To make the word “love”, I used a die cut for the word on white card stock and then covered it with Versamark Dazzle.  Then I coated it with clear embossing powder.  I did this three times to give it this smooth glittery enamel-like finish.  It was so beautiful that I had to take a close-up picture of it.


Once the word was done, I glued it into the center of the wreath and then proceeded to build the wreath with more white leaves to give it dimension as well as gluing flowers here and there.  When that was all done, I stuck self-adhesive gems in the center of each flower.

Finally, I felt the card was a bit bland on the bottom, but I didn’t want to add too much to it, so I just made two score lines for a subtle effect.  It was a bit difficult to score the card with the flowers (I was afraid they would get flattened or smooshed), but the flowers survived.  I am curious how this card will fare going through the post, so I think I might mail it to myself and see what happens!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this card and perhaps learned something or got inspired to create happiness today!

Simple Washi Candle Card

This card is very easy to make, but requires a lot of patience!  The amount of candles can easily be changed to any amount you would like to make. Learn my quick trick in making all the little candle flames! Plus, find out what kind of foil I use (my tip to save money!)

First I started with two folded white cardstock and delved into my washi tape collection.  Since the person I was making the card for was turning 49, I picked out 48 different washi tapes.  I planned to make the 49th candle a special holographic rainbow foil candle.

The completed card.  You can also see a portion of my washi tape collection….

After I got my tapes, I proceeded to do some simple calculations and measurements to see how many candles need to be on each card face, then I proceeded to put the tape onto the card in a “random” fashion.  They were not evenly spaced, nor all standing straight.  They were also all different heights.  This variation gives the card a more natural feel.

Once I placed all the washi tape on, I used a thin piece of double sided tape and placed it down as the last candle.  I then removed the tape’s paper and placed my holographic foil on top, rubbed, and peeled it off.  Tada, a foiled candle!  (See the last candle.)

Nail Foils
Nail foils for making cards?! Yes it can!

The kind of foils I used are actually nail foils!!  It’s very inexpensive and and I get lots of different colours and designs.  I found that the nail foils also work very similar, if not the same, as craft transfer foil sheets.  For more information on the nail foils, here is my blog post about it: Foils galore!

Flower punch for candle flames
Flower punch for candle flames

Anyway, to make the candle flames, the trick is to use this particular flower punch (see picture).  Notice how each petal looks like a little candle flame?  So I punched out a few of these flowers from double-sided adhesive sheets, took a craft knife to cut off each petal from the center, and tada!  Six little candle flames per flower!  Then you simply stick on each little petal/flame above each candle, remove the top paper to expose the adhesive and you are ready to foil away!

Once that was done, I stamped my sentiments, one that says “Happy Birthday” in a garden green colour, and the other that says “The more candles the BIGGER the wish” with Versafine Onyx Black.  Then I went over the “Happy Birthday” sentiment with a Sakura Clear Startdust Gelly Roll.   Finally, I assembled the two cards together by placing double sided tape and a piece of plain white typing paper on the back of the card join, and the card was complete!

Here is a list of some of the materials used:

  1. Stamp: “Happy Birthday” from “Just to Say” stamp set by Viva
  2. Punch: 6-petal flower by Picture Perfect
  3. Pen: Clear Startdust Gelly Roll by Sakura
  4. Stamp Ink: Versafine Onyx Black by Tsukineko
  5. Stamp Ink: Garden Green by Close to my Heart
  6. Washi Tapes: 6mm width, mostly bought from Action (a discount store in some parts of EU)
  7. Foil: colours used are holographic cracked glass rainbow for the candle, rose champagne gold holographic and sparkle gold for the flames
  8. White cardstock, about 220gsm.
  9. Small plain white typing paper

What I love about this card is the simple yet chic look.  It’s also colourful and the foil on the flames makes a subtle but strong impact.  There’s also enough space to write a message.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this very first post.  Create happiness today!