Butterflies make everything beautiful!

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I think butterflies are really beautiful and I asked myself, “Why is that?” I think it is because butterflies are so symmetrical and people are generally attracted to things that are symmetrical. But I’m also a very analytical and have a scientific mind set.


The technique for today is “die cut monoprint”. Using this technique, I created two cards witht he butterfly monoprints, but you can also use the prints for a scrapbook or art journal. This easy technique takes about 15-20 minutes and the two cards took over an hour to make. Continue reading “Butterflies make everything beautiful!”


Art journal: Money money money!

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Hello everyone!  Thank you for the nice comments in my last blog post.

Last week, my husband went to America for a week for his work. I missed him very much, so I crafted a lot to pass the time!

Today I would like to share with you a page I created for my art journal titled “Money, money, money”. Total work time on this is about 3 hours because it takes time for each layer to dry.  Otherwise, this is a very easy project to do. Continue reading “Art journal: Money money money!”