New cards in Etsy store (sort of)

Hi there!  I just wanted to give a quick blog update that there is a new listing in my Etsy store!  In the month of October, if you pre-order cards from me, you get 20% off each card!  This comes out to €1.60 per card, and I ship worldwide!  But order quick because cards are … Continue reading New cards in Etsy store (sort of)


Uplifting and Endearing Cards

Hi everyone!  I recently made twenty-two cards with uplifting and endearing sentiments.  They are all up on my Etsy shop to be purchased.  They all have a 3D die cut centerpiece and something shimmery and glittery.  Each card's background was handpicked to match the message or feel.  Below are some of my most favourite cards … Continue reading Uplifting and Endearing Cards