Happy Lucky Creations is a small home crafting studio founded and run by Emma. Although mostly focused on card making, HLC may feature other forms of handcrafts including, but not limited to, crochet, hand lettering, and cross stitching.


What makes all creations from Happy Lucky Creations special is that they are thoughtfully handcrafted to create happiness in the recipients.


The main purpose of this blog is an outlet to share how cards were made and put together, a place to post challenges, tips, tricks, and whatever Emma feels like writing about in my crafting world.

Creator – Emma

circleEmmaEmma is from America, but has been living in the Netherlands for many years.  She loves crafting and have done it for as long as she can remember.  One of her first creative hobby was drawing, which was inspired by her mother.  Wanting to further her drawing skills, Emma would borrow books from the library and teach herself how to draw.   Using her self-taught skills and personal creativity, she placed first at age 13 by designing an advertisement for her school’s Book Fair.  Besides drawing, her other major hobby was origami, and she would make impressive origami balls (kusudama) to hang around the house.  At age15, she created an origami display of many of her creations at her local library.  Her display was so impressive, she was asked to create another display a year later.

As Emma grew older, she expanded her creative reach by teaching herself jewelry making.  She also dabbled in digital graphics by making computer screen wallpapers and web design, all self-taught.

For a time, Emma had less and less time to be creative.  But when she moved to the Netherlands, she met her husband’s grandmother who was into card making, particularly card embroidery and 3-D pictures on cards.  This started the cardmaking craze.  Meanwhile, Emma also taught herself how to crochet and cross stitching.

…beautiful things and happiness does not need to cost a lot to create; love is what makes them priceless.

Coming from humble backgrounds, Emma likes to save money.  This means she also enjoys finding alternative and/or less expensive ways to do things, like crafting.  And so she hopes to pass on her knowledge as well as show that beautiful things and happiness does not need to cost a lot to create; love is what makes them priceless.

Enjoy yourself here and as always…

Create happiness today!