Look for a Star – Miniature music dome

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Another miniature for you to look at… and perhaps inspire! Last time I made a little house in a tin box. This time it is a music dome with a cafĂ© and appartment.

The finished product, without the dome over it.

This was super fun to do and I didn’t do anything too special. I followed about 98% of the instructions because I find it relaxing to just follow the kit’s instructions and not need to think too much. From start to finish, this kit took 4 days to finish. It was also a bit more difficult than my last miniature kit, but not by a lot. Continue reading “Look for a Star – Miniature music dome”

A little house for Harry and Bella

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Hi everyone, how are you all doing? I’m doing well and I’m happy to share with you all my new hobby! Did you know that I built a house with a garden in 5 days time? Check it out!


Did you think that I made a real house for humans? That would be cool, but not in five day’s time, hahaha. My new hobby is miniature making. I worked with a DIY kit that I found on Ali Express. There are many different kinds of kits, but this particular kit is from the Box Theatre series “Countryside notes”. This small project took a few hours each day for 5 days and is rather easy if you have the patience for crafting itsy-bitsy things. Continue reading “A little house for Harry and Bella”