Pop-up Cake Card!

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Spring is my favorite season! Mother nature is awake and making herself beautiful. Today I made a spring cake for you all!


Did you think I made a real cake? Haha, I’m not really good at baking, so nope! So today is actually a pop-up card with small daisies on a grassy green paper cake. This card was not difficult to make since my Cricut did most of the work and I had very clear video instructions on putting the cake together. You can also use other cutting machines other than the Cricut, but even without a machine, you can print out this pattern and cut it out by hand. The total time to make this card was a little under one hour.

So, as mentioned, the task for today for Hobby Alternatief is a pop-up card or page. Honestly, I really like pop-up cards, but to make one… uummm… I rather not. But maybe I’m only scared of making one because I’ve never done it before! Ok, I’ll go try.

Thus, I was searching all over the Internet for some pop-up card ideas, as perhaps something that involves my Cricut too. I ended up finding a “Pop-Up Birthday Cake Card” by Jennifer Maker.

The pieces all cut out! There were a few places that were not cut well…

For the FREE pattern and a tutorial, look here: How to Make a Pop-Up Birthday Cake Card

I will not show you how I put the cake together because the website has really good instructions and a video with lots of tips. This made this project really easy.

Close up! It’s not really round and it does droop a little.

My pop-up cake is made with card stock, but you can also use other materials for the piece that goes around the cake like fat ribbon or crêpe paper. Just as Jennifer Maker says, with paper, the card is less round.

When I finished my cake, I decorated the card with little white punched out flowers. I then colored the middle of each flower with a yellow glitter gel pen. For the candles, I had the Cricut cut the flames out with yellow metallic paper. To finish the card, I added the die cut “Happy Birthday” with two daisies on the side.

Tip! Instead of cutting out pieces of flame, you can also color the flames in with a marker and glitter pen for a quicker work.

I think this is a cool card, but I’m still not a fan of making pop-up cards because it’s too thick and not flat.

It’s a bit of a fat card.

Another problem I had with the card is that you had to use tape on the back of the cake (Jennifer Maker said it works the best this way so not to use other things). But these are just my opinions because the card does not need to be flat and the tape is only on the back of the card. However, I did learn a lot from this experience!

Ahhh, the tape… 😦

So, what do you think of pop-up cards?

Do you have a cutting machine? Which one do you have and do you like using it?

Thanks for reading, until next time! Create happiness today!

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