A little house for Harry and Bella

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Hi everyone, how are you all doing? I’m doing well and I’m happy to share with you all my new hobby! Did you know that I built a house with a garden in 5 days time? Check it out!


Did you think that I made a real house for humans? That would be cool, but not in five day’s time, hahaha. My new hobby is miniature making. I worked with a DIY kit that I found on Ali Express. There are many different kinds of kits, but this particular kit is from the Box Theatre series “Countryside notes”. This small project took a few hours each day for 5 days and is rather easy if you have the patience for crafting itsy-bitsy things.

The instructions in the kit is very clear, so I will not write about how I made this. Instead, this is more of a review of the kit and hobby with some tips along the way. So, let’s begin!

The poor crumpled box, luckily everything inside was fine!

I received my box in the mail a little bit crumpled, but luckily this did not affect the stuff inside. I chose the Box Theatre since this is my first time working on miniatures, I wanted something small to test if this is a hobby for me. So for my first miniature project, I wanted something cheap (under €10) en not big.

Everything was included, except for glue.

The materials in the miniature kit contains wood, paper, metal, pebbles, fabric, and plastic! Therefore, a good glue is the most important item in this craft. Some kits wil have the glue included, and that is “siliglue”, or a silicone glue. You can use silicone glue (same stuff as 3D-glue), but I felt that tacky glue is good enough for 85% of the project. For the 15%, I used all-purpose glue. Tacky glue is better than white crafting glue or school glue because it’s thicker in consistency. You could use tacky glue for the whole project, but if you want to stick pebbles or something to metal, all-purpose glue is a little stronger and quicker to become sticky so whatever I stick to the all-purpose glue will stay in that spot until it dries. The only problem with all-purpose glue is that it goves off a lot of little glue “strings”.

The glues and tweezers I used.

Tip! Put glue in fine-tip applicator bottles; it will really help!

Another thing about glue I’d like to talk about are super strong glue, in particular, super glue (Krazy Glue) or industrial adhesives (jewellery glue). From my experience with super glue is: DO NOT USE IT! It is a really strong glue, but it is watery (low viscosity) and sometimes dries “white”. Plus, if you make a mistake, then you’ll have a problem… just like me.  Within an hour of starting this kit, I had glued the light switch that it was in a fixed position. After much fumbling with acetone and a soldering tool trying to fix the problem, the switch was broken. This miniature set is supposed to have little lights around and in the house, but mine does not since I broke the switch.

Industrial adhesives like E6000, B7000, B6000, E8000, etc. is a good option for sticking things with metal. I received my order of these types of glue after I finished making this project, so they were not used.  But from my research, I believe that they are a better alternative to the all-purpose glue. Honestly though, I am not an expert on glue, but I’m just telling you what works and what didn’t work.

Tip! Let the glue dry a little before you stick it on something.

Look how small everything is!

Other than glue, a good fine-tip tweezer is important to have for working on all the small pieces of furniture. A really nice tweezer to have is a reverse action tweezer like the Craft Tweezers from EK Tools. With this sort of tweezer, you do not have to keep pinching with your fingers to hold something.

In the end, you must have a lot of patience. Not only because everythign is small, but you also have to wait for the glue to dry before you move on to the next step. You also have to take breaks every so often for your eyes! That’s why I find this a really therapeutic hobby because you learn to be more mindful, calm, and easy-going.

Overall, i really enjoy the hobby of miniature making. i am already on my second kit and have ordered two houses! Below are more pictures of my Box Theatre “Countryside notes”. Oh, and in the title are the names “Harry” and “Bella. Those are the names of the two rabbits!


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Have you ever tried miniature making? If not, would you like to try?

Would you also like to see more of this hobby on this blog in the future?

Thanks for reading and have a good week!

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    1. No, I do not think so. I’m actually not much of a “christmas person”. I like the feelings of that time of year, but I generally don’t care to make christmas cards or villages…. I do make the cards more out of -have to-, rather than -want to-, lol. So in other words, if I don’t have to make a christmas village, then I won’t.


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