A Peaceful Christmas

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Hello everybody! I am happy to share my first project with you as part of the Hobby Alternatief Design Team!


My first assignment is my interpretation of a card sketch. This card is an advanced level card, but I will also tell you alternative ways for some steps so that it is easier to do.

The card sketch

When I saw the sketch, I got the image of a christmas tree in a house next to the window, and decided to make these scene!  Whenever I start a project, I begin by drawing my own sketch, choosing paper and laying out the base with the paper and the stamps.

Laying out my card

My card base is a dark blue card of 13.5 x 13.5 cm. For the wall of the room I used a light blue and white glitter “crosshatch” patterned paper of 13 x 11 cm. The floor is made of turquoise handmade paper with a pebbly texture cut to 13 x 2 cm. I also cut a piece of light blue cardstock 13 x 13 cm as a base for the wall and floor to be stuck on so that the two pieces of paper are now one piece.

On Cricut Design Space

Then it was time to make the window. In the photo of where I laid out my card idea, I saw that the window was too big, and I decided to make a new one with my Cricut Explore One and Cricut Design Space. The dimensions for my frame are 7.5 x 9 cm. The edges and distances are 5 mm wide, so each window is 3 x 2.3 cm.

Tip! If you do not own a Cricut, you can draw the window yourself and then cut it out with a hobby knife and a metal ruler.

After my window was cut out, it rubbed it with Distress Oxide – Frayed burlap and an ink blending tool, to give a woody rustic look to the window. Finally, I used double-sided adhesive tape to stick a piece of transparency (a thinner kind of mica) to the back of the window to simulate window panes.

Tip! If you do not have an ink blending tool, you can use a make-up sponge.

Making a wintery background!

Time to make the winter night background for the window! I started with a white piece of hobby paper (I used a piece of scrap paper, therefore it is not rectangular.) Then I cut a strip of sticky note tape in the shape of two hills to use as a mask. I stuck the hill part of the masking onto the paper so I can start working on the sky.  First I started with Distress Oxide – Tumbled glass at the bottom (just above the hill). Then I blended from top to lower middle with Distress Oxide – Blueprint sketch. Finally, Distress Oxide – Black soot is added on top.

Tip! Switch back and forth between the colors when blending the ink, for a smooth and beautiful result.

Place the other half of the masking to line it up nicely before removal.

When you feel your sky is complete, place the other half of the mask against the other and then remove the first mask.  This way, the mask will be lined properly so you can begin working on the hills.  I also did this because I did not want the hills to be completely white and flat.

The winter background is complete!

I slowly started blending with Distress Oxide – Tumbled glass. When the hill was lightly colored, I removed the mask. I then added a snowy shine with Wink or Stella – White. The final touch was adding falling snow with my white Uni-ball Signo pen.

A opening for the window

The card is now halfway done! The next step was to cut out a rectangle for the window from the 3 x 13 cm background piece. I wanted the window to be on the top of the background paper, and also some space above the winter night background. I placed the window in the background of the room where I wanted it, lightly traced the window with a pencil and then cut an opening smaller than the drawn line with about 2.5 mm from each edge. The pencil lines were erased afterwards.

Making sure the foam and paper stay flat!

Then I traced the background on a piece of white hobby foam of 2 mm thickness and cut it out. I also cut an opening for the window. Using tacky glue, I glued the hobby foam to the background and piled acrylic blocks on it while it was drying to keep it flat. Finally I stuck the background of the winter night on the back, this is all stuck on a dark blue card of 13.5 x 13.5 cm. I placed a book on top of the card so that the card can dry flat.

Tip! Use a wet glue when working with hobby foam. But when you stick paper on paper, it is better to use something dry, such as double-sided adhesive tape.

For the last part of creating the card, I stamped the Christmas tree and a stocking with Distress Ink – Antique linen and colored with alcohol markers and gel pens. I used a light color to stamp because I wanted an image without lines. The star on the tree is colored with a yellow Sakura Glaze pen, so that it looks shiny. The string lights are stamped with Versafine – Black onyx and the lights are colored with glitter gel pens. All stamped and colored images were then manually cut out.

Finally it was time to put the card together, but before I added the tree on the card, I saw that the room needed something: plinths!  I found a 4mm strip of white paper, colored it in the same way as the edges of the window and pasted it on the card on top of where the floor and wall meet. Then I proceeded to stick everything on the card as you see in the pictures.

Perhaps you noticed in my idea sketch that a fireplace was drawn, where the stocking now hangs. I felt that adding a fireplace was too much for this card, so I hung a stocking on the wall with a small nail instead. Anyway, the last step of the card was stamping the sentiment “Wishing you PEACE with Christmas”.


What do you think of my first card and blog post for Hobby Alternatief?

Which of you has a Cricut, do you like working with it?

Until next time!  And as always, Create Happiness Today!

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