Making Christmas cards with my kids

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Do you have kids or grandchildren?  And do you want to make cards with them?  I do!

Today I will show you how I  make Christmas cards with my kids!


Here is one of the ten Christmas cards we will be sending to family and friends.  I made this together with my two kids, 4 and 6 years old.

The cards are not simple cards to make for kids, so some parts I did by myself, and anything my kids can do, I let them. So to begin, we had to first think of a design from scratch. This part took a long time!  My son, the 6 year old, and I looked through my dies and stamps, and finally found a rectangular frame die with the perfect sized area for the shaker stickers I knew I wanted to use beforehand. I originally thought of having the three small area on the top and the large rectangle for the sentiment on the bottom. I drew out my idea and showed my son and he decided that it should be flipped! I think he has good taste because I liked his idea better and I had a moment of, “Why didn’t I think of that?” My son also decided on the frame color and paper and the gold embossing color.

Tip! It’s a good idea to make an embossing powder sample card so you can see what the color looks like after its been melted. This way, it’s also easier to choose the powder you want!

A tray containing most of the materials and tools we will be using to make the cards.

Once we decided on the design, I told my son to play while I made an example.  When I was satisfied with how my example card turned out, I then prepared a tray with all the materials needed as we were going to make ten cards total.  Preparing materials is very efficient when mass producing cards.

My son inking up the stamp on the stamping platform.

When mass producing cards, having a stamping platform tool is a must! It is also really great for children to stamp with. My son really enjoyed using the stamping tool and even learned the right amount of pressure for beautiful results.  Nearly all the stamping on the cards was done by my son.

Put your muscles into it, boy!

Cutting the frame with the Cuttlebug was very difficult for my son so I did most of it. If my Cuttlebug ever breaks (may it not, but it is almost 10 years old and still going strong!), I may invest in an electrical one.  An electrical one would be a lot easier for children to use since cranking manually does require some strength. It’s also great for people that suffer from arthritis or rheumatism.

I want to also take a moment to mention that the frame is stacked. Top layer is a foil cardboard, and the bottom layer is regular white card stock. The white card stock served two purposes: first to lift the foil frame a little higher, and second to give me the background to stamp “we wish you a merry”.

Being very careful as he melted the embossing powder.

When I prepared the tray, I had also pre-made a few of the gold embossed “Christmas,” but left a few for my son to stamp and blast the heat tool on it. (I sprinkled the powder on.)  I’m sure it’s safe to say that crafters never tire of watching embossing powder melt.  It’s the same for a 6-year-old.

So after all the pieces were made, it was time to put the card together.  I did all the gluing because when I tried to let my son put glue on the frame, it took a very long time that the glue would have been dried by the time he finished!

Here’s a tip! Line up the ruler line and the tape line so the fram can be placed on the same spot on every card!

When gluing the frame onto the card, I did not want to measure and find the center for every card.  From my example card where the frame was measured onto the center, I put my T-ruler against the frame and found the line on my ruler where the card ends. I also put a piece of purple tape on the ruler to mark the bottom of the card. So on the next card, I placed the ruler onto the card with the bottom at the purple tape line is and the side on the ruler line where it ended in the example card.

Spiderman came to help me makes Christmas cards.

While I was gluing down the stacked frames onto the cards, my son decided it was time to be Spiderman. Therefore, you see Spiderman is sticking in the rectangular background into the frame. We did not use spider webs to stick the background in, but double-sided tape.

The rectangular background came from die cutting the white card stock frame. I colored half of the white card stock with Distress Oxide – Candied apple and the other half with Distress Oxide – Mowed lawn. Then I sprayed it with my homemade shimmer spray, let it sit a little for the ink to oxidize, then dabbed it away with a cloth.

Tip! It’s easy to make your own shimmer spray. I make mine in a small spray bottle with water and a mica powder like Perfect Pearls – Confetti white. You can also use loose eyeshadow powder.

After the frame and rectangle piece was stuck onto the card, I glued the heat embossed and die-cut “Christmas”.

Sticking in the shaker stickers.

Finally, I asked both my kids to stick the shaker stickers onto the cards. They really enjoyed adding the finishing touches!

The finished card!

Want to know more or have questions about this card?  I’ve love to hear it in the comments!

Do you also like crafting with your kids?

What do your kids like to craft?

Until next time, and create happiness today!

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