Watercolor Mother’s Day Cards

It’s Mother’s Day today and so I created two Mother’s Day cards, one for my mother and one for my mother in law.  Here are the two cards:

Both cards uses the same flower stamp and the same watercolor markers, yet the cards have a different look to it based on the techniques I used to add color!

To begin, I had the good fortune to win a set of 12 Aquarelle Brush markers on Ali Express.  The colors of the markers of so vibrant and the color of the cap matches with the color of the ink.  On the AE app, you can sign up to win products.  In return for winning and getting the product for free (one cent), you have to use the product and write a review in the app, which I did.  So this is not my actual review, nor am I being paid to write this.

So the first card I started to make was the one with the artsy watercolor bleeding.  I first positioned my stamp in my homemade stamping tool and then colored the stamp with the brush side of the marker.  I started with red in the flower center, pink on the outside of the flower, light green on the edges of the leaves, and dark green on the leaves’ center.  Then I sprayed my watercolor paper with water.  I closed my stamping tool and stamped onto the wet paper, holding it a few seconds to let the ink go into the water and paper, and opened my stamping tool again to see how the image looked.  I added more marker ink to places I thought needed more color and stamped again (why I needed my homemade stamping tool, so I can stamp an image on the same place twice).  Then I quick dried the paper with my heat gun.

Next came the embossing.  I cleaned my stamp, set my paper back into the stamping tool, dusted it with my EK Success powder tool and put Versamark Ink onto the stamp and stamped.  I covered the paper in white embossing powder, shook off the excess, and heat embossed, et voilà!

Close up of the artsy watercolor bleeding card.

I love the way the ink bleed around the paper, and the mixture of the colors!  I generally like things more controlled, but I love the look of this artsy stuff, despite it’s not in my comfort zone!

For the second card, I decided to do a more “controlled” painting.  This time, I stamped the image with Versafine Black Onyx ink.  Then I took an acrylic block and scribbled ink onto the block.  I then spritzed a little water onto the ink, and used my water brush to pick up the ink and started painting the image.  I used the same colors as the other card, even the red, but sparingly.  Despite this being a more controlled painting, I did not stay within the lines.  I just quickly brushed colors onto the image and let it be.  Here’s the close-up result:

Close-up of the “controlled” watercoloring card.

So you see, with the same markers and colors, two very completely different looking images!  Both cards are so unique and different and pretty in its own ways.

Anyway, I finished up the artsy card with just stamping “Happy Mother’s Day” onto it and adding gems and sequins.  The second card I felt needed more than just a stamped sentiment because it was so light.  So I die cut the word “Beautiful” twice (one black and one white card stock), glued it together with black on top, covered it with clear Wink of Stella, and then covered it all with Glossy Accents.  I used a white card stock underneath because I like the white peeping out when you look from the side.  Anyway, I then glued a strip of the watercolor paper I had cut off from the stamped image earlier, but I watercolored the strip with the pink and a dash of red so the color would match.  I glued the strip and the “Beautiful” sentiment onto the card, stamped “You are”, and added the gems and sequins.

Stacked and embossed sentiment.

So there you have it: two Mother’s Day cards for two special mothers in my life!  I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making the cards, experimenting with the markers, and even trying out new techniques!  I was inspired by Jennifer McGuire (Easy Watercolor Stamping Techniques) and I hope I in turn have inspired you too!

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