Update! New Cricut!

First of all, apologies for not posting in a while.  I have been making cards still (though not as much as I like) and I always post photos of them via Instagram @happyluckycreations.  So follow me if you like to see what I’m up to in crafting!  But as this is a hobby and not a job, nor do I get sponsored, I don’t have the time to be writing posts about my cards and hobbies .  I’m just your regular ol’ craft geek!

So happy to have finally gotten an affordable stamping tool!!!

Since my last blog post featuring two Mother’s Day cards I made, I have been expanding and organizing my craft tools and stash.  I finally got a stamping tool: Stamping Buddy Pro by Nellie Snellen, or Nellie’s Choice, and I LOVE it!  I used to use an IKEA Hemmingsbo Frame hack , and it does work, but I wanted something easier to use like the MISTI because at the end of the day, the frame hack is exactly that: something made for one thing but hacked to work as something else.  In other words, it was never really that good as a stamping tool.  So I was considering getting the stamping tool by Tim Holtz and Tonic Studios since it’s nearly impossible to get a MISTI in my country, but I somehow stumbled upon the Stamping Buddy Pro and the price was more to my liking (I got it for €14).

Pretty colors….

I also organized my alcohol markers and my husband made me a storage box out of foam core.  Since that photo was taken, I’ve added about 15 more marker colours.  If anyone is wondering, these are called TwinMarkers by DecoTime which I get from a discount goods store called Action.  I later on found out that it’s the same as those TouchFive or TouchNew alcohol markers from AliExpress.  I cannot say how well the markers from AE work, but these work well with the right paper.

More pretty colors….

My Distress Oxides have also grown a little to flesh out my rainbow of colors.  I now own 14 colours (I started with 6 from my first Distress Oxide ink purchase one year ago) and its re-inkers.  I’m one of those people that just have to have the re-inker when I buy a stamp pad.  It’s not necessary, especially with the amount of card making I do…but I just can’t help myself because I have to be prepared for that inevitable craft material famine….

I’ve also made two birthday cards (one 30th, one 50th), two baby cards (one boy and one girl), six “Thank you” cards for my kid’s teachers, six (plus two extra for myself) “Hello” and six “Happy birthday” cards as teacher gifts, and one wedding card.  You can see all those cards on my instagramAfter all that card making, I was pooped out with making cards.  To top it off, the summer has been very hot and my workshop is located on the top floor.  So heat rises and it’s a down right sauna in my craft area!  So I’ve been avoiding going up to craft.  Until….

I found out that Cricut was closing down the Cricut Craft Room (CCR).  I had an Expression 2 machine and although I could use it as a stand-alone machine, I always used it with the CCR because it was so much easier than poking at a touch screen that didn’t work great and was SUPER slow.  So I packed up ALL my Cricut stuff and sold it all off at a super low price, thinking, “I don’t need a Cricut anymore!”  But despite it all… I couldn’t let the thought of my cutting machine go!  So I started looking around… lots of doubts, questions, thoughts….  But I finally decided after much rumination, I was going to get myself a Cricut Explore One.

My new Cricut!!

There were many models and choices but I decided on the Explore One mainly because of the price (it was on sale, 50% off!).  I also did not need wireless capabilities, I didn’t mind having only one knife/pen holder, and I didn’t care for it to have to be 2x faster.  Getting my machine was also a small little story.  In a nutshell, I was told by Cricut customer support that they do not ship to countries other than US, Canada, UK, some other countries…in other words, they didn’t ship to The Netherlands.  But I fudged around with the Cricut UK website, and I managed to order it, with my address and correct country in the shipping address.  But I was still worried, that my machine would get lost because they supposedly don’t ship to me….  So I contacted customer support again, and this time another guy said they had my address and it will take 7-10 days.  But the best part of this story?  I received my Explore One THE NEXT DAY.  I don’t know how or what happened, but  I got my machine!  The funny part of it was that my machine was shipped from within The Netherlands!

All the things I got at the fair.

Finally, I went to my “annual” craft fair last week.  I put quotes around annual because the fair actually happens three times a year!  But I only go one of those three times, usually the one at the end of summer/start of fall.  This time, I didn’t bother looking at dies or stamps much because I have A LOT and technically I don’t need anymore.  I made myself a list of supplies I needed and pretty much stuck with it.  And since it was my 3rd or 4th time going, I knew exactly where and which area/booths to check out.  I also like to spend as little money as possible, so I spent the first two hours walking the entire place and taking notes of which booth had what items I wanted, and the cost.  Then I shopped with my last hour all the things I needed.  Everything in the picture costed a little under €70.  Do you think I did good?

So now summer’s over, school started three weeks ago, and BOTH my kids go to school!  Now I have a bit more time to craft, but… I also work more/earlier.  I have to be at work by 5:45 in the morning, so it’s very tiring to my naturally night owl body that I need my nap/rest or I get a headache.  However, I hope to continue crafting because nothing’s better than to create a little happiness in someone’s day!

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