Art journal: Money money money!

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Hello everyone!  Thank you for the nice comments in my last blog post.

Last week, my husband went to America for a week for his work. I missed him very much, so I crafted a lot to pass the time!

Today I would like to share with you a page I created for my art journal titled “Money, money, money”. Total work time on this is about 3 hours because it takes time for each layer to dry.  Otherwise, this is a very easy project to do.

My art journal is something I work on just a few times in the year because I usually spend my free time making cards, crocheting, or doing other hobbies. I started the journal in 2014, and have worked on about 19 pages only!  Anyway, I got the journal book from HEMA long ago, and they don’t carry this book anymore. However, I’m sure you can find similar ones (try searching “fotoplakboek”) if you are looking for a ring-bound book with sturdy paper inside you can paint and stick things in.  Well, it’s not made for painting in since the paper will warp, but read on below and I’ll show you how I prepare my paper for paint and ink application.

Most of the ideas I work on in my art journal come from a PDF file I found long ago by PaperCoterie (they do not exist anymore). It’s a set of 52 thought provoking questions, where you are supposed to answer one question per week in a year to fill up your (art) journal.  So the question for this page is “If you won a million dollars today… would you quit your job?”

My thought was immediately about Money, which makes me think of green and leaves because even though money does not grow on trees, leaves are like nature’s money, haha! So I started with prepping my paper with gesso. Gesso is essentially primer – the stuff you paint on surfaces to make it smoother, whiter, and help paint to hold on. Gesso also lets you move paint around. For more information about gesso, there is a really good video below by Vicky Papaioannou that shows you the difference between paper that has been prepped with gesso and without.

Tip!  Gesso is essentially a MUST for art journaling if you plan to work on mixed media items.

Green fingers!

Anyway, after I prepped my paper with gesso and let it dry, I started scribbling it with a cheap dark green marker and rubbing it with green Distress Oxides pads: mowed lawn, cracked pistachio, and twisted citron. With the gesso, I was able to move and blend the inks together to create a blend of different greens. Use your fingers for the best effect!

After some stenciling, stamping, and distressing.

I let the ink dry some (helped it go faster this time with a heat gun), then started stenciling and then stamping leaves, swirls, and flowers with more Distress Oxides: frayed burlap (for stenciling), mowed lawn, walnut stain, and worn lipstick.  I let this dry while I went to choose from leafy green patterned paper and cut out the letters for “money”. Then I stuck on a vellum fern leaf sticker, glued on the letters with tacky glue, and glued the banner question. Finally, I covered everything up with a layer of Craft Sensations Deco glue. I cannot tell you if I used matte or gloss… because I *thought* I used gloss, but after it dried, it looked matte!  So maybe I grabbed the wrong bottle?!

Anyway, I finished it off by writing the answer to the question with a dark brown permanent marker.

Art journals are very free and is a great way to let your creative juices flow!  It’s also a great place to use stamps you’ve never used before or to try out a technique you’ve learned from a video, for example. Speaking of videos, here is the video about gesso:

I hope I’ve inspired you to let your creative juices flow and perhaps showed you something new (gesso).

If you have questions about art journaling, please write them in the comment section below and I will answer them to the best of my abilities.

Have a wonderful day!

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