Double the happiness!

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Hello dear people! Nice of you to drop by my blog!


So, what is better than one card? Two cards! In this blog post, I will show you one way how I made two cards with one background paper. My cards took about three hours to make all two, but it would be less time if you made something simpler (or with less embellishments….) Continue reading “Double the happiness!”

A felt baby book

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Hello my dear crafters! How are you doing? Last week on May 10th is my wedding anniversary! We had a really nice evening going out to eat at a super-classy restaurant. It was a surprise for my husband!


This is a baby book on shapes that I made from felt. I thought it was not difficult to make, but it is a lot of work. It took a few hours, and that does not include a night for the glue to dry. Continue reading “A felt baby book”

A little house for Harry and Bella

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Hi everyone, how are you all doing? I’m doing well and I’m happy to share with you all my new hobby! Did you know that I built a house with a garden in 5 days time? Check it out!


Did you think that I made a real house for humans? That would be cool, but not in five day’s time, hahaha. My new hobby is miniature making. I worked with a DIY kit that I found on Ali Express. There are many different kinds of kits, but this particular kit is from the Box Theatre series “Countryside notes”. This small project took a few hours each day for 5 days and is rather easy if you have the patience for crafting itsy-bitsy things. Continue reading “A little house for Harry and Bella”

Pop-up Cake Card!

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Spring is my favorite season! Mother nature is awake and making herself beautiful. Today I made a spring cake for you all!


Did you think I made a real cake? Haha, I’m not really good at baking, so nope! So today is actually a pop-up card with small daisies on a grassy green paper cake. This card was not difficult to make since my Cricut did most of the work and I had very clear video instructions on putting the cake together. You can also use other cutting machines other than the Cricut, but even without a machine, you can print out this pattern and cut it out by hand. The total time to make this card was a little under one hour. Continue reading “Pop-up Cake Card!”

Organizing my craft stuff with Evernote

As promised in my inexpensive stamp and die storage post, I will show and explain how I organize my dies. Before I get into it, I want to explain a little of its background.

I wanted a system that allowed me to organize all my stamps and dies in a way that I can also add on to my collection, as well as switch or remove things in between without having to change the rest of the system. I also wanted to be able to easily search for exactly what I need without rummaging through my growing collection. Essentially, I needed a system similar to the Dewey Decimal Classification (but a lot more simplified) and a digital catalogue.

After months of thinking, I finally came up with a system and I’m happy to share with you all how I do it. My system makes it easy to search and find exactly what I need! Without further ado, here’s how  I organize my stamps and dies (as well as some other craft things). Continue reading “Organizing my craft stuff with Evernote”

Cute Bunny Easter card

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This year, Easter falls on April 21st. So I made an Easter card since it is also my task for Hobby Alternatief for today. But I don’t have anyone to give this card to, but would like to. Would you be interested in receiving this card? Then please look near the end to see how you can apply for a chance to get this card!


I felt this card was easy to make, but perhaps the small details make it a bit difficult too.  How easy or difficult a card is depends more on what you like or don’t like. I’m crazy about small details, that’s why I thought this card was easy to make. But because of the small details, it takes a lot of time to make a card for me, and this card took several hours to make. Continue reading “Cute Bunny Easter card”

A ‘Royal Crown’ for Willie!

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Hello crafters!  As part of the Hobby Alternatief (Alternative) design team, our focus is often about doing hobbies in alternative ways, ranging from using items for a different purpose to just different types of hobbies other than cardmaking. I also love to crochet, and this is something I taught myself. So today’s post is something I crocheted for you all to see!


This project took almost 3 hours to crochet, and another day for it to stiffen up with sugar water. The difficulty level is about medium, so it’s not for beginners. Continue reading “A ‘Royal Crown’ for Willie!”

Yamaguchi Dahlia

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It’s march and it is getting warmer.  the earth is beginning to bloom, it’s almost spring, and therefore I start to think about flowers! Today I have something nice for you to make that you can use to decorate your house with or just to play around.


This is a paper dahlia and it took about 2 hours to make. However, I made a lot of flower petals, so a simpler version with less petals will take about 30 minutes.  There are also 2 versions and I worked with the version that contained more folds too. Continue reading “Yamaguchi Dahlia”

A fun shaker birthday!

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Hello crafters!  How have you been staying warm? I like to stay warm by curling up in my bed watching a show while crocheting. Or if I have to make a card, I’ll work in my craft area with my handy little space heater. Crafting warms my heart too!

Today I have something fun for you.


This is a fun shaker birthday card!  I personally find shaker cards difficult due to all the little bits and pieces, but if you’re familiar with making shaker cards, then this should be easy for you.  Overall, this card took me about 2 or 3 hours to make, and I had some troubles (you’ll see where later). Continue reading “A fun shaker birthday!”