Flying by to say…

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Hi there! Got a quick little post here for you today. It’s a decently simple card where most of the work is the coloring!


This card took a little over an hour to make and it’s pretty easy. The skill is mostly in coloring and ink blending, and that’s something anyway can get good at with practice.

Laying out my card idea.

As usual, I started with laying out my card. Doing this helps me better visual the steps and what I need to do. Often, the card will evolve and look a bit different from the original layout or design as I add little things here and there.

I really enjoyed blending in the sky.

I started with a white A6 card stock and created a pretty blue sky scene with three blue Distress Oxide inks and a makeup brush. With another white A6 card stock, I cut out two white cloud corner pieces and one cloud piece from vellum.

Next I stamped, colored, and cut out two little birds, the dog pilot, and the airplane. For the plane, I also used a white pen to add highlights to give the plane more pop and shine. To give a little “life” to the animals, their eyes and the dog’s nose is dotted with a black Glaze pen. I also stamped and cut out the speech bubble and the little saying “Flying by to say”.

Time to piece it all together! Started by sticking the vellum cloud onto the bottom of the sky panel. Next I stuck the two white corner cloud pieces with foam tape. The rest was also stuck on with foam tape. I finally added random little white dots and streaks into the sky. Honestly, i have no idea what it is supposed to be… snow? Hail? Stars? Bugs? Dandruff? An illusion that the dog is flying really fast? Well, I’ll let you decide what it is.

Anyway, when everything was stuck on, I stuck the A6 piece onto a card base and the card was complete!

I also added a name onto the plane to personalize it for the birthday boy.

I hope you enjoyed this card. Cards don’t have to be complicated in order for it to be pretty. Sometimes, simple cards can even look complicated, and vice versa! Anyway, have a wonderful day and until next time!

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