Popsicle stick puzzle!

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The task for Hobby Alternatief today is to making something from popsicle sticks. I thought that it would be nice to do something with the kids. So, a puzzle from popsicle sticks!


This project is really easy and takes only half and hour per puzzle. I will let you see how my daughter and I made the puzzle pictured above.

Measuring it all up.

I began with looking online for a picture or drawing. I let my daughter choose and she chose a drawing of princesses. Picture saved onto the computer and then inserting it in a text program (like Open Office). I use a text program because I can give precise measurements to the image. The popsicle sticks are approximately 11.3 x 0.9cm, so with 15 sticks next to each other, I have a “plate” of 11.5 x 14.3cm. But I also do not use the rounded parts of the popsicle sticks, so instead of 11.5cm, 10cm. I input the measurements into the program and print it out.

Tip! you can use as many or as little sticks as you need based on the size of your picture. The only measurement you can not change is the length (11.5 or 10cm for my popsicle sticks).

Tip! you do not have to use and print images from the internet. You can also use a picture from a magazine, for example.

Laying out the popsicle sticks.

Next, I let my daughter lay out the 15 sticks. We used my Nellie’s Choice Stamping Buddy Pro, without the foam pad. I used a stamping tool because I can make sure the sticks are laid out straight. I also stuck a piece of masking tape on the back so the sticks do not move.

Cutting the puzzle apart.

When the sticks are all placed, we added glue to the sticks and stuck the princess drawing on. Once that is done, I turned it over and cut between each stick with a knife.

Tip! Very important that you let the glue dry a bit and use a sharp knife. Otherwise, your image may tear when being cut. (Learn from my mistake!)

My sweetie pie puzzle-ing away!

And done! Shuffle the sticks a bit and my daughter can put the puzzle together. She thought it was great!

What do you think of my popsicle stick puzzle? Maybe this is somethign you would do with your (grand)child(ren)? Thanks for reading and till next time!

One thought on “Popsicle stick puzzle!

  1. I already had a peak at your post when it still was in draft @HA and couldn’t wait for the pictures.
    So last I took a peak again and boy did this give me some ideas. 🙂

    Trying one of them right now.
    These are also great as interactive birthday cards.

    Thank you so much for this idea.

    XoXo Carina


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