Candy Cane Cross-stitch Christmas Card

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Hello again! It is almost Christmas time and I thought I would make a Christmas card. This time, the task was to use thread/string/yarn on a card. I decided to do some cross stitching.


This card took a very long time to make: about 8 hours! It’s not difficult per-se, because to me, cross stitching is pretty easy, and one gets faster the more you do it. I do not do it often, so that is part of the reason it took me so long on this project.

The candy cane pattern.

Anyway, to start, I first went on the Internet and searched for some free Christmas cross stitch patterns. I looked for something that was not too large with not too many colors. I ended up choosing this candy cane pattern. I found this pattern from this webpage: Eleven Easy Christmas Cross Stitch – Free Pattern

Choosing the thread colors.

I downloaded the pattern, inserted it into a word processing program, and resized it to be about smaller than an A6 card. I printed the image out, chose colors as close to the image as possible and then cut the image out.

Poke, poke, poke, poke!

Next I temporarily adhered the cut out pattern with washi tape onto a very sturdy (300gsm) pearlescent card. Then with a needle-pen, I poked a hole at every intersection. This only took 20 minutes. After that was done, it was time to start stitching. I used one long strand folded in half (so I stitched with 2 strands). If you are new to cross stitching, I suggest searching on the Internet for beginner/basic tutorials. If you have cross stitched before, but never on paper or card stock, it’s really the same idea, except you end each strand or color by taping the ends down and cutting off any excess. That is, no need to weave it through previous stitches!

Tip! When poking the holes, try to poke the needle down a little deeper so you get to the fatter part of the needle.  This will help with pulling the needle head through each hole.

Almost done!

When The stitching was done, I was going to outline parts of the image with thread, but I decided to use an alcohol marker instead, and that gave it a nicer and more controlled affect. The final steps was sticking the sentiment with foam tape, gluing on rhinestones, and adhering the entire card onto a folded red card stock.

As I said, this card took a very long time to make. However, it was a great way to watch some movies and show on my list while I worked. I really love being able to craft and watch TV at the same time!

When you are crafting, what else do you do? Listen to pod casts? Radio? Netflix? YouTube?

Thanks for taking the time to read my post!  Until next time, create happiness today!

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