Snow globe shaker

Klik hier de Nederlandse versie.

I worked at PostNL (postal service in the Netherlands) for nearly two years. The busiest time is always around Christmas. Even with the invention of the Internet and electronic mail, people still enjoy sending Christmas cards.


Today, the task’s theme for Hobby Alternatief is “Christmas”, so I decided to make a Christmas/winter card. I would categorize this card under “advanced” because I use a lot of techniques and tools that most beginner cardmakers would not have. The card itself didn’t take long to make, but the snow globe did take about an hour to make.

Making the backgound.

I started with making the snowy background. I learned this technique from Jennifer McGuire (Embellished Windows Technique), but took it a step further and used it in a shaker bag for the snow globe.

Background result.

To make the background, I took a lamination folder-sheet, sprinkled two types of white embossing powder and two kinds of glitter inside, and ran it through my laminator. The results were really cool! However, one of the glitters I used was loose make-up glitter by the brand essence and despite it looking white and being called “holo white out”, after going through the laminator, the glitter gave off a blue-ish hue.

Stamped image of snow globe so I know where to cut.

Anyway, the next step is to cut out a piece of the snowy plastic for inside the shaker. To get the right size, I stamped the top portion of the snow globe onto the plastic with Memento ink. I used Memento because it is a water-based ink and I knew I could wipe the ink off after I cut the piece out. Meanwhile,  I had also stamped and colored the little snowpeople and cut out a snowy hill background.

Assembled globe in the plastic pocket.

I assembled all the pieces together with the snowy plastic piece in front of the snowpeople and placed the piece inside a clear plastic pocket. I then traced the edges of the piece with a marker, took the piece out and with warmed-up soldering tool set, melted the plastic together along the line I just drew with the marker, leaving the bottom open. I have now created a pocket for my snow globe shaker.

How and where I added foam tape on the assembled piece.

With the bottom open, I was able to slide the assembled snowpeople piece inside and toss in some white sequins and seed beads. I had also added a thin layer of foam tape to give the shaker pocket a bit of space for the sequins to move around, and to prevent the sequins from falling all the way onto the bottom. I finally sealed up the bottom with the soldering tool as well.

The final step for the snow globe was putting on the bottom piece of the snow globe which I stamped, colored, and cut out by hand. I also stamped the placard on gold foil cardboard with Stāzon Jet Black ink.

To make the card was very simple. I die cut a square postage stamp shape from white card stock, colored it in with Distress Oxide Candied apple, glued it onto a square piece of Christmas patterned paper, and glued it all on a square card. Then I taped the snow globe onto the center of the card.

So there you have it! I hope you got inspired to make your own snow globe or pocket shaker card!

Thanks for reading and until next time!



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