A card for Lunar New Year

Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie.

Lunar New Year is not until January 25th, 2020.  However, I thought I get ahead this time and make a card for my family!


This card follows a sketch is actually not very difficult, but I personally felt it was difficult because I had to measure a lot of things. Not that measuring is hard, but I’m a perfectionist and I like things to be exact! So overall, this card took me nearly two hours to make. I’m sure someone less of a perfectionist would do this a lot quicker.

Here is what the sketch for September looks like:


When I showed this sketch to my husband, he said it reminded him of Chinese designs. Taking his idea, I decided I would make a Lunar New Year card that I have been wanting to make for the past 2 years, but never had the time. For me, the sketch made me think that it should be a gate fold card.

So I started with a red 13.5 x 27cm card stock, measured where the center is, measured where the fold would be, creased and folded it with my bone folder and got myself a gate-fold base. I eventually also measured out the yellow and red card stock pieces for each flap of the card and cut them to the right size.

Sweet little lions!

I then stamped and colored the lions (yes, they are lions, not dragons!) with various gel pen colors and a red alcohol marker. The contrast between the red and the yellow glitter was too large, but I did not want to make the entire lion glittery, so I ran a red glitter gel pen on the edges of the red parts. I also dabbed black Sakura Glaze gel pen to the pupils of their eyes. After they were colored in, I cut them out with my fine scissors. Next I die cut a stitched red square and the Chinese character for blessed, good luck, or good fortune from gold mirror cardboard.

Well, this looks a bit boring….

I then mock-assembled the card and noticed how plain the red looked, so I stamped confetti bits with VersaMark ink. Next I topped it off with dots from a yellow glitter gel pen.

My tip!

The next step was cutting out the numbers “2020” and applying Glossy Accents.

Tip! Sticking smalls things like letters and numbers onto masking tape and taping the tape onto your working surface makes applying things like Glossy Accents a lot easier.

Making sure I don’t put the glue on the wrong side….

Now it was time to put all the pieces together. Aside from the lions where I used 1mm doubled-sided foam tape, everything else was glued on with tacky glue. To make sure I didn’t accidentally glue my gate closed with the centerpiece,  I drew a line on the back of the centerpiece to tell me where I can put glue on and confidently stuck it onto the card.

Peek-a-boo! A little mouse for 2020!

And so the card is all finished! Except I did do one little extra thing: I also colored and cut out a little mouse since 2020 is the year of the rat and put him on the inside of the card.

Do you do anything for Lunar New Year?

Thanks for reading!  Create happiness today…and everyday!

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