Make your own 2-level turntable for your craft space!

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Hi hi! Today I have something a little different for you all: instructions on how I made my 2-level turntable! This is really useful in your craft space, especially in a corner or if you do not have a lot of room.


All materials were bought from Action (discount store in Europe), except for the mounting glue, but you can also buy this from Action. This DIY project is really easy and took about 40 minutes to make. The glue takes a few days to a week or more to fully cure, but you can start using the turntable after day.

There are many ways to make this project. The base is a turntable. If you want a second level, then you need something for the second level and a support piece. Of course you can use other things than what I used, like another similar glue, paint instead of washi tape, etc. I will show you here how I made my turntable.

The materials I used.

I start with gathering all my materials. I apologize for not remembering the price of the items, but they were all pretty cheap. The turntable and the tall black metal can with lid was found in the Kitchen section. The round white tray was by the Decorations (candles, cases, etc.) department. The Pattex “Geen Spijkers & Schroeven” is a mounting glue and I bought this at Praxis (home improvement store) long ago. The washi tape I already had, but is also from Action. I also used a pencil, eraser, ruler, and sandpaper.

Finding the middle point.

First I need to find the middle of the top of the turntable and underside of the round tray. This is important, otherwise your second level will spin crooked! to find the middle, I placed my can where I think is the middle and carefully measured all around. Since my can had a lid, I measured the can witht he turn table and the can’s lid with the underside of the tray.

Tip! Maybe it would help to find the center of the circle by following the steps on this website: How to Find the Center of a Circle

The sanded lid.

To ensure that the lid adheres well with the glue, I sanded it first. Before I start to glue everything together, it was time to decorate. I chose an easy way to decorate by using washi on the edge of the round tray.

Tip! If you do not have washi tape to decorate, you can also pain, put stickers on it… whatever you want!

Next it was time to glue everything together with mounting glue. Once everything is glued, it’s done! After a day, you can use and carefully turn the turntable. The glue will take a few days until a week or more to cure. How thick you put the glue on, how long the drying time.

Shhh! It’s the secret compartment!

The best part of my turntable is that it has a secret compartment! Because I used a can with a lid, I can remove the top tray with the glued-on lid and hide things inside!

This turn table is really useful because I have a dead corner on my desk, but now I can use the space! Have I inspired you to make your own turntable?

My favorite part is the secret compartment. What do you think of it?

Again, thanks for reading my blog. If you have questions, please ask!

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