Look for a Star – Miniature music dome

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Another miniature for you to look at… and perhaps inspire! Last time I made a little house in a tin box. This time it is a music dome with a café and appartment.

The finished product, without the dome over it.

This was super fun to do and I didn’t do anything too special. I followed about 98% of the instructions because I find it relaxing to just follow the kit’s instructions and not need to think too much. From start to finish, this kit took 4 days to finish. It was also a bit more difficult than my last miniature kit, but not by a lot.

Just like my last miniature kit, I bought it from Ali Express and this cost a little under €20. Everything was included in the kit, except for glue and tools.

The stuff that came in the kit’s box.

The types of tools you need are tweezers, a craft knife, large and small scissors, a metal ruler, and a cutting mat. Glue in a fine-tip bottle is also very usefule. A combination jewelry tweezer with a pointed nose is also useful if you already have it, but it’s optional so you don’t need to buy one especially. For glue, my advise is for tacky glue, multi-purpose glue, and jewelry glue. Do not use school glue, super glue (Krazy glue), or glue sticks.

Work in progress!

You also need to have a lot of patience, especially waiting for the glue to dry a little for it to be sticky (so things are not moving around) before you begin with the next step. What I means is that you can work on other pieces, but if a particular piece has more steps until it’s finished, then you have to wait for the glue to dry a bit before you continue.

Haberdashery? No….

All the pieces are very small, that’s why tweezers are very important! I think the ratio of this kit is about 1:48. (To anyone that has ever been to Madurodam, the ratio is 1:25.)

Do you see how small this is?

I am now busy with a miniature house with a ratio of 1:24. I thought that it would be easier since it’s larger than this music done. But I realized that the house is a lot more difficult and you need  lot more patience! So even though this music dome was much smaller, overall it is not more difficult than the larger house I’m currently working on.

Below are more close-up photos and a video of the completed music dome. The name of the kit is “Look for a Star” from the “Rotating and Music World” series from CUTE ROOM.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Is this something you’d like to do or make? It’s not too expensive and there are other models. (The other models are also not as difficult as this one.)

Would you like to see my next miniature? It’s a really pretty house!

Nice that you dropped by, until next time! Questions and comments are welcome… and create some happiness today!

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