Shining flowers

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It is now the 6th month of 2019, time flies, doesn’t it? Stencils are a crafting supply that can be used with many techniques. They are also inexpensive or you could make them yourself! Today I will let you see one of the many techniques you can use with stencils. Let’s check out the card.


The yellow background is made with a stencil. The card took about an hour to make and it is pretty easy to do.

I start with laying my stencil on my white card stock and sticking it to each other with purple masking tape. Then I started by rubbing Distress Oxide Squeezed lemonade in circles with the Ranger ink blending tool onto the paper+stencil. Next I did the same thing with Distress Oxide Fossilized amber, but closer to the sun.

The ink, blending tool, stencil, and paper.

By now I was curious about the result so  I took the stencil off. I felt that it looked a bit odd to have a white circle as a sun, so I rubbed the paper again with the two yellow inks, without stencil. Then, I laid the stencil over the paper once more (on the same place), rubbed the paper one my time with the inks, and then sprayed it with a shimmer spray. I then dabbed the water off and took the stencil off once more. The background was now finished.

The finished background. Shiny!

The next step was to make the frame. I made this with two rounded-corner rectangle dies, one smaller than the other. I cut a frame out twice and stacked on top of each other. Then I cut the stenciled background with the larger die and glued this behind the frame. Afterwards, I glued the frame on a white card which I splattered with a little bit of ink.

The Glad Press’n Seal makes arranging pieces of die cuts so much easier!

The flowers and leavers were created months ago. They are simply stamped, colored with Twinmarkers, and cut out with matching dies. So I only had to arrange the flowers and leaves in a nice way onto the frame.

All the pieces stayed in place and foam tape on the back!

When I was happy with the flower arrangement, I placed a piece of Glad Press’n Seal on top.  With Press’n Seal, the flowers stay at the same place with each other. I then squirted a little bit of glue here and there where the flowers and leaves were touching. Then, I stuck double-sided foam tape on the back and stuck the entire piece onto the frame of the card that was already stuck to the card. The last step was to stamp and emboss the sentiment “You’re in my heart” and stuck it on the card.


I made this card for my mother for Mother’s day. Do you think this card could be used for another event?

Stencils are really great “tools” to work with. Do you also like working with stencils?

Thanks for reading this blog, until next time! No go forth and create some happiness today!

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