A felt baby book

Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie.

Hello my dear crafters! How are you doing? Last week on May 10th is my wedding anniversary! We had a really nice evening going out to eat at a super-classy restaurant. It was a surprise for my husband!


This is a baby book on shapes that I made from felt. I thought it was not difficult to make, but it is a lot of work. It took a few hours, and that does not include a night for the glue to dry.
The task was to make somethign with envelopes. Sandie (from Hobby Alternatief) lent me the Seed Pocket die cut set from Marianne Design and a seed pocket is essentially a small envelope. Sandie asked if I could do something alternative with the set and a light bulb went on above my head! I first thought of making a baby touch and feel book, but then Sandie suggested that I use felt.

The piece of felt after getting die-cutted.

So I went to Action (European budget store) and found a pack of craft felt with 8 different folors. With each color, I die cut the seed pocket/envelope out, so I have 8 “pages”. This was the first time I’ve cut felt with dies and I thought it was amazing! But it didn’t cut all the way through in some parts.  Luckily it’s a simple die, so I just used the scissors on the parts that did not cut.

With 8 pages, one is for the book cover and so I needed 7 shapes. I had already thought of 6 different shapes, but the last was either a moon or a diamond. I asked my husband and he said, “Moon for the last one, then if someone is reading the book to their kid, they can say, ‘I see a moon! Time to sleep!'” My husband can have good ideas once in a while, haha!

The pages all laid out.

I cut out all the shapes from different dies, but I did not have a moon-shaped die. This i used two circles, one smaller than the other, and the partial die-cutting technique. (Voor more information about this technique, check out this video from Jennifer McGuire: Partial Die Cutting Tips.) Next it was time to search for all the different types of paper to go behind all the shaped holes. Every piece of paper was this cut to size and glued to the pack of the felt pages with tacky glue and double-sides tape.

Tip! Try not to use too much tacky glue, otherwise it will soak through the felt. What also helps is using some double-sided tape and then a little bit of tacky glue for extra hold.

It’s not that thick.

When the glue was dry and the papers were securely stuck to the felt, I continued with folding and gluing each of the envelope flaps, except for the “top” flap (the flap that’s usually left unsealed until you fill the envelope with something). I then stitched all the pages together with the that flap. Next I cut a small piece of light-blue felt and glued it over the stitches to make the book look nicer and give it a spine. The last step was to decorate the book cover with pieces of the felt shapes cut from the pages.

One of my favorite pages with that cool handmade glue paper!

And so you have a soft baby book on shapes! It’s also small enough to take along anywhere!

Have you ever cut felt with dies before?

Thanks for checking out my blog post and wishing you a nice day!

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