Cute Bunny Easter card

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This year, Easter falls on April 21st. So I made an Easter card since it is also my task for Hobby Alternatief for today. But I don’t have anyone to give this card to, but would like to. Would you be interested in receiving this card? Then please look near the end to see how you can apply for a chance to get this card!


I felt this card was easy to make, but perhaps the small details make it a bit difficult too.  How easy or difficult a card is depends more on what you like or don’t like. I’m crazy about small details, that’s why I thought this card was easy to make. But because of the small details, it takes a lot of time to make a card for me, and this card took several hours to make.

Laying out my stuff.

I began with an idea and laid out the things I needed. My idea is based on an example card for the bunny dies from Karen Oliver (a Frantic Stamper Design Team member). But my idea naturally evolved a bit as I was making the card.

Looks cool… but I ended up cutting out another set that had small changes.

I first started with cutting the word “EASTER” with my Cricut Explore One. This took a while because my machine is only a few months old and I don’t have many opportunities to play with it. But when I was happy with the cutting results, I cut 3 out, but only used two for stacking because I had another idea for the word.

I first tried pink, but I felt the blue was much prettier.

The third piece of “Easter” I cut out of another piece of paper. This is an pearly white paper with small embossed suns. I colored the paper with Distress Oxide. I first tried Victorian velvet (the pink), but found that Broken china worked better on the card. so after I colored and cut the word out of the paper, I glued it onto the other “Easter” a bit on the side to give a sort of shadow effect.

Anyway,  I would like to first apologize that I don’t have photos for the next step. I was really into making them that I forgot to take pictures.

For the small bunny squares, I cut each on twice from white card stock since I wanted to stack them. For the top piece, I glued on a piece of pink gingham paper behind the ears and face and cut out all the extras. Since I saved the little eyes and nose, which I colored with markers, I inlaid them into the face, covering the pink gingham paper. Next I glued this top piece onto its matching die cut to make the square thicker and stronger. Finally, I glued the whole thing onto the blue patterned paper and cut it out. To give the bunny a little more “life”, I dotted the eyes with black Sakura Glaze for a subtle shine.

Picture for the tip!

Tip! A shortcut to cutting paper to size (without measuring): place the paper size you want on top of the one you want to cut to the right size and cut it together with your (guillotine) trimmer.

Finally, I created the background by first cutting out the white quilted background from the background die. Then I die-cut the edge with the curved lace edge die. I did the same things with the blue patterned paper but measured with the white one so the curve would match. At this moment I felt just the blue and white didn’t look good, so I went back to look at the inspiration photo and noticed that she used an extra paper under. I then used the same pink gingham for the bunny ears as the third background.

So everything is nearly complete and I stuck everything onto a folded card that was cut to size so my background had the same spacing all around. Lastly, I stamped and cut out “HAPPY” and propped it on the card with foam squares.

The final product.

So, would you like to receive this card? Then go to my instagram (@happyluckycrations) and write something in the comment (please don’t write your address though, lol). I will choose one of the comments randomly on Friday April 5th and will privately contact for an address. And while you’re at Instagram, you can also follow me if you like the things I make!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and the card.

If you have questions, write it down below and I’ll do my best to answer!  Create Happiness Today!

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