A ‘Royal Crown’ for Willie!

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Hello crafters!  As part of the Hobby Alternatief (Alternative) design team, our focus is often about doing hobbies in alternative ways, ranging from using items for a different purpose to just different types of hobbies other than cardmaking. I also love to crochet, and this is something I taught myself. So today’s post is something I crocheted for you all to see!


This project took almost 3 hours to crochet, and another day for it to stiffen up with sugar water. The difficulty level is about medium, so it’s not for beginners.

Sandie (the owner of Hobby Alternatief) found this pattern for me on Ravelry. Ravelry is a website where you can find lots of crochet and knitting patterns, as well as information of nearly all the wool ever made. You can make a free account, then you can save patterns in your own profile, for example.

Here is a direct link to the pattern on Ravelry: Royal Crown by Lotta Breyer (Knitter Nutter)

The pretty yarn ball and the finished un-stiffened crown.

The yarn I used for this project is ONline Linie 175 Saphir. It requires a 3.25mm hook, but the pattern asked for 3.5mm. This is not a problem, but the end result will be different. In this instance, a larger hook with a thinner yarn will make this crown wider and looser.

Tip!  Always make a guage! Even if you are using the same yarn and hook/needle size as suggested in a pattern, because everyone crochets and knits differently. With a guage, you can see if you may need a different hook/needle that what the pattern asks for.

A few important tips for this project to know!

Lotta Breyer, the pattern’s designer, used a regular white yarn and crocheted it together with a metal thread/floss. I feel it’s easier to crochet with yarn where the metallic thread is already weaved into the yarn. But with what I used, you can not weave in sequins or beads into the crown. So what I did was glue on the sequins with a hot glue gun. (I do not suggest gluing on sequins or beads if you are making a crown for a young child.)

This is an American pattern, so you need to follow the US crochet terms.

There is also a mistake in the pattern! Between round 6 and 7, you need to do 7 single crochet (sc) on every chain. This information is also under “ERRATA” in the pattern description on Ravelry.

How did I make the crown stiff?  With sugar water! this is my first time that I worked with sugar water, so I thought it was a bit weird to do at first. I thought that I might get ants all over the place and the crown would smell like candy! However, I think the sugar is broken down in the water and you end up getting starch. (Sorry, molecular chemsitry was not my strongest subject in school!) The sugar water tastes sweet of course and everything was sticky when it was still wet, but after a day of drying, it was nicely stiff and did not smell like candy. Anyway, if you are still not convince of sugar water, you can also used a cornstarch mixture or diluted white school glue. However most people, and traditionally, sugar water is used to stiffen crochet.

If you made it right,t he sugar water should be clear!

You can easily find a recipe for sugar water on the Internet. A few important tips to know that is not mentioned in many recipes: 1. use white sugard, 2. the ratio is 1:1, 3. the sugar+water cannot boil, so stir often, 4. wait until the sugar is completely melted (the water becomes clear again), 5. leave your yarn project at least 1 minute in the sugar water, but if you want a little flexibility, then give it about 20-30 seconds.

Tip! You can also buy starch or fabrich stiffeners like Mod Podge Stiffy, but sugar water is cheaper and most people already have white sugar at home.

The blushing bride to be!

Just as the title suggests, I made this crown for Willie from our Design Team. She will be getting married soon and this crown was for her Bacheloretty party with the Hobby Alternative Design Team members.

What do you think of this crown? Is this something you would like to do?

Thanks for checking out my crown. If you have any questions, I’d love to hear it!

With lots of love, Create Happiness Today!

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