Yamaguchi Dahlia

Klik hier voor de nederlandse versie.

It’s march and it is getting warmer.  the earth is beginning to bloom, it’s almost spring, and therefore I start to think about flowers! Today I have something nice for you to make that you can use to decorate your house with or just to play around.


This is a paper dahlia and it took about 2 hours to make. However, I made a lot of flower petals, so a simpler version with less petals will take about 30 minutes.  There are also 2 versions and I worked with the version that contained more folds too.

The task I had for today for Hobby Alternatied is use the Dahlia fold. Perhaps you may have seen this from my colleague Anita.  However, one of my many hobbies is origami (paper folding), and I thought it would be nice to show you something other than cardmaking. Plus, I though it would be nice to show a more 3D looking dahlia (as compared to the regular dahlia fold for cardmaking) that you can also use to decorate with. I should also mention that this is not traditional origami because you needs to use glue for the end product.

The origami instructions I used: Origami Yamaguchi Dahlia
For the easier version (without the “middle” piece): Easy Origami Yamaguchi Dahlia

Various tear-away calendars that you can use.  For this project, I used the one on the far right.

Now you can buy origami or folding paper, but perhaps you have a tear-away calendar?  Tear-away calendar papers are thin, soft, and flexible, making them the perfect paper for folding! I think they are a lot better to use than regular printer paper.  Tear-away calendar paper is also great to use to practice your origami before you use your nice paper. However, I think this type of paper to use as your end product is also cool because the letters on the paper give it ‘character’.

The dahlias are done!

To fold a paper dahlia, you need at least 6 pieces. But the more pieces you make, the fuller your flower will become.  I used twelve 3×3″ (7.6×7.6xcm) pieces of paper for the larger flower and twelve 2×2″ (5.1×5.1cm) pieces of paper for the smaller flower.  I cutt he paper from the calendar paper with my new super awesome Tim Holtz paper trimmer. Next I glued all the folded pieces together following the instructions. Between the petals, I used a glue stick.

With the punched out circle on them.

Then when I wanted to place the two flowers onto each other, I cut out a circled to give it a solid center foundation for the flowers to stick to each other on. In the picture, I used a punched out circle, but I found the circles to be too small, so I cut out and used bigger circles later. To stick the flowers together, I used wet glue.

Finally, I punched out a little flower and stuck it onto the slower on top.

So, what can you use this flower for? You can decorate a wrapper present or hang it on the wall.  You can also make two of these and glue them together back to back with a string in between and hand it from the ceiling. There are many possibilities!

How the dahlia looks like from the side.

I hope you liked this post that’s not about cardmaking, and that you got inspired to fold some dahlias.

Have you ever thought of using tear-away calendars in your hobby, other than paperfolding?

Questions and comments are always welcome! Create some happiness today!

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