A fun shaker birthday!

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Hello crafters!  How have you been staying warm? I like to stay warm by curling up in my bed watching a show while crocheting. Or if I have to make a card, I’ll work in my craft area with my handy little space heater. Crafting warms my heart too!

Today I have something fun for you.


This is a fun shaker birthday card!  I personally find shaker cards difficult due to all the little bits and pieces, but if you’re familiar with making shaker cards, then this should be easy for you.  Overall, this card took me about 2 or 3 hours to make, and I had some troubles (you’ll see where later).

The card sketch is quite simple, but knowing me, I always like to take the extra step to challenge myself.  So I decided to make a shaker card based on the sketch.  I have made shaker cards before, but I have always found it a little more difficult than other cards because the glitter and sequins go all over the place!

The card sketch.

Anyway, as usual, I sketched out what I was going to do for the card and wrote out the steps for putting the shaker card together.  I also cut out the rectangular frames from scratch paper and laid it out for a visual reference.

My sketch, notes, and layout.

I started with first cutting a white rectangular card stock 0.5 cm smaller on the length and width of an A6 size folded card. Next I worked on the animals.  I stamped them first with Memento Tuxedo black ink, coloured them in with the alcohol-based TwinMarkers, and cut them out.

Afterwards, I taped two rectangular metal dies together (a larger scalloped edge and a  smaller rectangle) and cut out the three scalloped frames from a blue, yellow, and pink card stock. You can see the rectangle dies taped together in the last picture in this post.


The three frames were then positioned onto the white card stock and taped down with washi tape. With a pencil, I drew the inside rectangle of each frame so I know where to cut. I cut out each rectangle slightly larger than the pencil line by using a metal ruler and a crafting knife. Next, I glued the frame onto the white card stock and this is where I realized I forgot to add the strip of patterned paper that was supposed to run behind the frames like in the sketch… oops!

Moving on, I tape the animals behind the frame, but with the top of their head/ears on top of the frame.  Then a piece of acetate was taped onto the back of the card stock to be the window of the shaker portion of the card.  Next, I cut a piece of crafting foam and cut out the three rectangles for the shaker windows and glued it to the back of the white card stock.

Now it was time to work on the base card.  I started by approximating the location of the center window so I would know where to stamp the sentiment “Happy Birthday”.  Next I chose a few rhinestones and glued it in the area of where the three windows would be.

Tip! Gluing down some sequins or rhinestones in a shaker card gives the shaker window something sparkly even when all the sequins have fallen to the bottom.

Add lines of glue, not dots!!

Finally it was time to fill up the windows with sequins.  After I filled the windows, I added glue onto the craft foam. Before I continue, I want to point out that the way I added glue to the craft foam is not good!  I know because most of the glitter had fallen out and I had to redo the steps again. If making a shaker card, it is actually better to use foam tape. But if you are using craft foam like I am and have to use glue, I suggest adding LINES of glue instead of dots (don’t do what is shown in the picture).

Anyway, I glued together the card base and the windowed card stock.  I then placed some books on top of the card and let this sit for several minutes. When the glue was somewhat dry enough that I did not have to worry about shaker bits falling out, it was time to add the little decoration onto the top right corner. I was originally going to add two rhinestones or brads onto the top right corner like in the sketch. But I decided to use a colorful washi and taped this onto the right edge of the card. As a final touch, I added black Sakura Glaze to the eyes of the animals.


So there is the finished card! People generally love getting shaker cards because it is so interactive.

Have you ever received a shaker card?

Please leave questions and comments in the comment section below and I will respond!

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