Little boy’s birthday card

Today I’d like to share with you a birthday card I made for my son!  My son Johan turned 5 in September and I wanted to make him a cute little card.  There so much on this card, but it actually was not very hard to make.

First of all, here is what the card looks like:


First I made the big red 5 with his name on the side.  I used my Cricut and welded his name to the side and cut it out of red cardstock.  Then I masked the part under the name with masking tape, covered his name with VersaMark ink, and sprinkled Ranger’s “Liquid Platinum” embossing powder over it.  I then melted the powder with my heat gun and then removed the masking tape and so his name was not embossed and set apart from number five.

I also made a small misting bottle of water with Perfect Pearls Confetti White and misted that all over the number 5.  Seriously, everything looks better glittery and shiny, and pearly.  🙂

Next, I had to make a background. I first made the sky part, so I took some masking tape (painter’s tape) and ripped the long edge so it wouldn’t be nice and straight.  I then covered the bottom with the tape.  I started with splotches of colours with the following Distress Oxides colours and makeup sponges: wilted violet, worn lipstick, broken china.  It was so pretty, but this is supposed to be a galaxy, so I then covered it with the Distress Oxide black soot.  I then sprayed it with the Perfect Pearls mixture from before and also dripped it to give the bigger splotches.

Then I removed the masking tape to reveal the part that’s supposed to be the ground.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think to buy orange or yellow (I still kick myself for not buying any yellow ink…a primary colour!!!) so I had to make do and used the following two Distress Oxides: cracked pistachio and walnut stain.  And because the masking tape was “custom” ripped, I didn’t have the other side to cover the sky.  Thus, I just had to carefully colour the ground first with the cracked pistachio, and then the walnut stain.  It actually turned out better than I thought it would, and I liked how there is a little “halo” from the ground to give it the illusion of dust.

I worked hard on that background!

I felt the sky needed more, and I wanted to go “all out” on this card since it was for my son.  So I then stamped some different sized stars with VersaMark ink sprinkled white embossing powder, and heat set that.  I still wanted more white particles and so I sprinkled embossing powder around the card, and carefully blasted it with my heated-up heat gun so they would melt before it gets a chance to fly off the pape.

I forgot to mentioned that actually the very first thing I did was stamped and coloured with alcohol markers my little alien/monster, rocket ship, and “Earth” planet.  These stamps and the sentiment are from Ali express.  The stars are from a different no-name stamp set I got in a local store.  I then fussy cut these all.  Tip time!!  With the monster, I put on glossy accents behind the antenna to make it stronger (since it is so thin) and let it dry while I worked on the rest of the card.

Anyway, it was time to piece together the card.  At this point, I felt the large red five needed to pop more, but not with foam tape.  So I set my Cricut to cut another piece and glued the two fives together to make a double-thick piece of paper.  I then glued the red five, the rocket ship, and “Earth” onto the card.  I used Ranger’s Multi Matte Medium in a fine-tip glue bottle for the small parts and a tape runner for the larger parts.  Then I put on my sentiment, which was stamped with VersaMark onto black cardstock, covered with white embossing powder, and cut out into the form of a fishtail banner.  Then I glued the little alien/monster onto the card.

Next, I put glossy accents on the tip of the antenna and glued on the googly eyes with glossy accents (Tip time!!  Glossy Accents is the best kind of glue for gluing non-paper to paper because it really holds).  At this point, I felt the card was missing “something”, especially on the ground area, so I took a black fineliner, and drew in craters and shadows and whatever those lines could be.  Then I used my white Uni-ball Signo to draw in the highlights on the ground and the monster.  The card was finally done!

This card did not take too long to make, but it took a lot of steps and various card making techniques and resources were used!  I apologize for the lack of work-in-progress pictures.  I’m really not much for stopping in the middle of doing something to take a picture.  Either way, I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope I inspired you to create some happiness!

By the way, my son said he likes his card, but little boys his age still prefer to run around and play, rather than look at a card.  Maybe he’ll appreciate it a lot more when he’s… 22?  Hahahaha!!

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