New cards in Etsy store (sort of)

Hi there!  I just wanted to give a quick blog update that there is a new listing in my Etsy store!  In the month of October, if you pre-order cards from me, you get 20% off each card!  This comes out to €1.60 per card, and I ship worldwide!  But order quick because cards are limited “I’m not a machine after all, I can only make so many!”

There are a total of six different designs.  Here they are:

Of course, if you order the cards, they may not look exactly the same as what you see here, but similar.  These are handmade, so snowflakes may be placed in a slightly different spot, I may use a different (but just as beautiful) patterned paper, etc.

So take advantage of this 20% discount and order before the end of October 2017!  And you’ll receive the cards before November is over.

Christmas is a great time to spread some happiness, and why not do it with a handmade card! 🙂

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