Quick birthday card

This card is for Simon Says: Happy Birthday challenge by SimonSaysStamp.  It’s very simple and quick, and took less than an hour to make.  Here is the card:


I recently bought a few pads of vellum paper with quotes and sentiments on it.  I am gaga over vellum, so I just had to have them and use it on today’s card.  I also recently bought this set of turquois handmade patterned paper made from 100% recycled cotton.  So I started with die-cutting and embossing the vellum sentiment.  Then I added some eyelets on it.  Afterwards, I tied the baker’s twine to it, and wrapped it around the patterned cotton paper which I had cut to size.  Then I glued it all together and it was done!

I didn’t want to do too much to the card because the paper is so beautiful as well as the vellum sentiment.

Anyway, I want to mention that I also got myself a small little photo box for taking pictures of my crafts (cards mainly).  The photo box was bought via ali express, and it costs only 10 euros for this small little box with LED lights with 4 coloured backgrounds.  What do you think of it?  I like it, but the little knobs, edges, and holes are a little getting used to, and also still learning how to use it properly (I know next to nothing about photography.)

Well, I hope you enjoyed my latest challenge card, and I hope you will create some happiness today!

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